Doja Cat Calls Out Fans for Criticizing Her Relationship and Music


Los Angeles, CA – Grammy-winning rapper Doja Cat has been making headlines again, this time for calling out her fans. In a series of tweets, the singer criticized fans who have been critical of her relationship with J Cyrus and her music.

“I’m so tired of my fans,” Doja Cat tweeted. “They’re always complaining about something. They’re never happy. They’re always finding something to criticize.”

Doja Cat went on to say that she feels like her fans don’t appreciate her music. “I make music for myself,” she tweeted. “I don’t make music for my fans. If they don’t like it, they can go listen to someone else.”

Doja Cat’s tweets have sparked a backlash from fans, who have accused her of being ungrateful and disrespectful. “She’s so lucky to have fans who support her,” one fan tweeted. “She should be grateful instead of complaining.”

Another fan tweeted, “I’m a huge Doja Cat fan, but I’m disappointed in her tweets. She’s acting like a diva.”

It’s unclear if Doja Cat will apologize for her tweets. However, her comments have certainly divided her fan base.

In addition to calling out fans for criticizing her relationship, Doja Cat also took aim at fans who have been calling her albums “cash grabs.”

“My last two albums were not cash grabs,” she tweeted. “They were made with love and passion. I’m proud of them.”

Doja Cat’s comments about her fans have drawn mixed reactions from the music industry. Some artists have come to her defense, while others have criticized her for her behavior.

“I think Doja Cat is entitled to her own opinion,” said singer Halsey. “But I don’t think it’s fair for her to criticize her fans. They’re the ones who support her career.”

Rapper Nicki Minaj also defended Doja Cat, saying, “Doja Cat is a talented artist who deserves respect. Her fans should be supportive of her, not critical.”

However, not everyone is sympathetic to Doja Cat’s situation. “Doja Cat needs to learn to be more respectful of her fans,” said music critic Ann Powers. “They’re the ones who make her career possible.”

It remains to be seen how Doja Cat’s comments will affect her career. However, it’s clear that her relationship with her fans is at a crossroads.