Ommy Patel: The Man Behind The Most Viral Meme Character “Dekh Bhai”

Ommy Patel: The Man Behind The Most Viral Meme Character "Dekh Bhai"

We have been seeing so many changes across social media trends in the digital world that we live in today, thanks to the ever-growing and evolving developments in different fields and industries. The social media and entertainment industry has opened up multiple new avenues for talented content creators to come forward and create something that can reach masses with their unique content.

Content creation is a space that is growing at a rapid pace with the digital boom. To overcome their daily hectic or stressful lives, people look forward to following more and more funny pages that give them not only their daily dose of entertainment but also make them laugh. One such page on Instagram that is flourishing and becoming more successful each passing day is ‘Dekh Bhai’, India’s first-ever viral meme character started by Ommy Patel. Dekh Bhai was the first Indian non-celeb meme page to cross 1 million followers back in 2016, when social media and influencers weren’t even a thing.

Dekh Bhai Meme | Image/Instagram

Not just that, Ommy has a creative mind with which he creates a virality factor and comes up with crazy ideas. The first-ever viral song trend in India, ‘Beat pe Booty,’ which was more popular even compared to the movie itself, was a brainchild of Ommy. He planned and ideated the campaign for his good friend Remo D Souza, who is a Bollywood director and producer. Every person was seen grooving to the Beat pe Booty hook step.

Along with the massive community that Ommy has built, he also uses it in the best way possible. When India was struck with massive floods in Kerala, Ommy and his team on the ground helped hundreds of people with the most essential items for daily survival. He teamed up with several brands like Croma, Jack & Jones, and Only India to send 1,000 blankets to Kerala flood-affected people living in tents for several days. Ommy collaborated with Jet Airways for the logistics support.

Ommy even started a fundraiser on Ketto for victims and helped raise ₹2,60,000, with which they purchased daily essentials on the ground level in Kerala.

“With the huge number of people that follow my community, I feel it’s my duty to do whatever best I can in my abilities to help whenever there is a need,” said Ommy.

Not just Dekh Bhai, Ommy has ventured into several other domains, one of them being artist management, wherein Ommy pitches his clients who are best suitable to brands for collaboration. There are several Bollywood and TV actors who follow Ommy’s meme page.

To expand his brand further, Ommy wishes to create a robust team of in-house directors and actors to build in-house content and venture into content production. There’s so much more that this young online influencer and personality aims to achieve in the near future, and looking att he success he has already achieved, we won’t be surprised if he takes Dekh Bhai to even greater heights.