Gloxy App Is A Quicker Communication And Socialization Among LGBTQ+ Individuals

Gloxy App

Gloxy, established with the goal of facilitating quicker communication and socialization among LGBTQ+ individuals and those with the same sexual orientation through an enhanced privacy experience, continues to spread rapidly worldwide, reaching 150,000 users in the first six months. This platform, brought to life by a Turkish entrepreneur, caters to a broader audience with its six different language options.

The advent of advancing technology in every moment of our lives has made the rapid spread of friendships globally via digital channels possible. Platforms providing opportunities for chat, dating, and friendship through various applications are becoming increasingly captivating. Among them, Gloxy, launched in December 2021, stands out with numerous features distinguishing it from competitors.

Gloxy Eliminates Trust Issues

The growing interest in friendship applications with digital transformation sometimes caused insecurity among users due to leaked images from the platforms. However, Gloxy, developed by expert software developers over 1.5 years and based on user privacy, offers a reliable platform with an enhanced privacy experience. The application does not allow the publication of content that may disturb other users in order to optimize the user experience. The application entirely eliminates trust issues while protecting users’ personal data, including messaging.

The platform, which has no plans to generate revenue from end-users in the first year, continues its efforts to become a leading brand known and preferred by all users in the Middle East, America, Europe, and Asia. The venture, which sets out with the goal of always being ahead of competitors in terms of privacy, moderation, and content richness, aims to reach 300,000 users within the first year.