Entrepreneur Vaaiibhav Sanghrajka: The Maestro of Wedding Planning and Celebrations

Vaaiibhav Sanghrajka

In the world of event management and wedding planning, one name stands out for his exceptional
talent, creativity, and dedication. Vaaiibhav Sanghrajka is a visionary entrepreneur from India, with
over a decade of experience in the industry. Renowned for his expertise in event management,
wedding planning, artist management, and bespoke entertainment curation, he has founded three
successful companies: Epic Live Entertainment, The Wedding Corp by Vaaiibhav Sanghrajka, and
Epic Dhun Records.

Epic Live Entertainment: A Pioneer in Event Management and Artist Management.

Vaaiibhav Sanghrajka’s journey began with the establishment of Epic Live Entertainment, a
company that revolutionized event management and artist management. With a keen eye for talent
and an understanding of audience preferences, Vaaiibhav curated unforgettable experiences
through top-notch event planning and seamless execution. From corporate conferences, music
festivals to new years eve, Epic Live Entertainment delivered extraordinary events that left
attendees in awe. By managing renowned celebrities and artists, Vaaiibhav ensured that each
performance was nothing short of spectacular.

The Wedding Corp by Vaaiibhav Sanghrajka: Crafting Luxury Weddings.

Realizing the immense potential of the wedding industry, Vaaiibhav founded The Wedding Corp by
Vaaiibhav Sanghrajka. This company specializes in providing a 360-degree luxury wedding
planning and management experience. With meticulous attention to detail and an understanding of
the client’s vision, Vaaiibhav creates bespoke weddings that exceed expectations. From venue
selection to decor, entertainment to gastronomy, every aspect is meticulously crafted to create a
truly unforgettable celebration. Vaaiibhav’s expertise in luxury weddings has earned him a stellar
reputation, making him the go-to planner for discerning couples seeking the ultimate wedding

Epic Dhun Records: Nurturing New-Age Talent.

Recognizing the need to promote emerging artists and contribute to the music industry, Vaaiibhav
recently launched Epic Dhun Records. As an independent music label, Epic Dhun Records aims to
showcase and nurture new-age talent. Vaaiibhav’s extensive network and understanding of the
industry enable him to identify promising artists and provide them with a platform to showcase their
skills. By combining his passion for music with his business acumen, Vaaiibhav is creating a space
for innovation and creativity in the ever-evolving music industry.

The Vaaiibhav Sanghrajka Touch: A Recipe for Success.

What sets Vaaiibhav Sanghrajka apart is his ability to infuse every project with his unique touch of
brilliance. His keen sense of aesthetics, attention to detail, and a relentless pursuit of perfection
ensure that each event, wedding, or musical endeavor becomes a masterpiece. Vaaiibhav’s
hands-on approach and personalized touch have earned him the trust and admiration of clients
and industry professionals alike.


With over a decade of industry experience and the establishment of three successful companies,
Vaaiibhav Sanghrajka has truly mastered the art of wedding planning and celebrations. Through
his ventures, he has created magical experiences, showcased talent, and brought joy to countless
individuals. As an innovator and trendsetter, Vaaiibhav continues to redefine the industry, leaving
an indelible mark on the world of events, luxury weddings, and music.